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Free Computer Assembly and Maintenance Course


    Do you want to take a free computer assembly and maintenance course and earn a significant extra income? The course, offered by Cursos Ahora, already has all its classes available, and you can learn online.

    To secure your spot and not miss this unique opportunity, check the enrollment information below. Also, take the chance to learn about the classes, the course certification, and much more.

    Free Computer Assembly and Maintenance Course


    The free computer assembly and maintenance course is designed for anyone who wants to learn about the subject. In this course, you will have the following classes:

    Class 1: Introduction; Class 2: Motherboard Components; Class 3: Voltage; Class 4: Disassembly Sequence; Class 5: Internal Components; Class 6: Assembly Sequence; Class 7: Operating System; Class 8: File System; Class 9: BIOS Access; Class 10: System Installation; Class 11: Automatic Driver Installation Tools; Class 12: Use of Optimization Tools; Class 20: Supplementary Material.

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    You will have 10 hours of course to make the most of and acquire a lot of knowledge.

    Note: all classes are already available.

    Do you know what you need to take this course? All you need, besides registration, is the desire to learn.

    Do you want to secure your spot in the free Computer Assembly and Maintenance Course? To do so, simply access the Cursos Ahora website (by clicking here) and complete your registration. It’s fast and easy, and you’ll be ensuring a quality free course.

    This course is a way to ensure that everyone has access to education.

    ATTENTION: On the Cursos Ahora page, you still have the possibility to watch a presentation video to determine if you are interested in the course or not.

    Cursos Ahora

    The Cursos Ahora website was created to offer quality content so that everyone can access education and, thus, have more opportunities in the job market.

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    Regardless of the area you work in or want to work in, you will find the course you are looking for on Cursos Ahora.

    You can register on the Cursos Ahora website and follow the courses you are taking, your certificates, and much more.

    It also has a student area where you can follow the course and other materials used in your studies.

    There are already more than 240 courses available for free and online, which means more than 240 resources available to help Brazilian citizens train and be prepared for the demands of the job market.

    So, if you want to enrich your resume and ensure your learning, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the courses on Cursos Ahora.

    For more information about the website, click here.


    Cursos Ahora offers a course completion certificate for those interested in obtaining the physical document.

    The certificate is the only element that will require a small issuance fee. But don’t worry, the cost is low, and it is not mandatory to pay if you are not interested in the course certificate.

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    In this case, it is important to remember that the certificate will serve as proof when you need to verify that you have completed the course listed on your resume. In other words, without it, you may not be able to secure the position you’re seeking due to lack of evidence.

    This will be a small investment in your future, and you will still have the free course. Don’t miss this opportunity and start your studies today!

    The fee amount is $49.90.

    ATTENTION: After registering, be sure to complete the course within the estimated deadline for completion. This way, you will ensure that the course does not expire before you finish the classes and review the available materials.

    What are you waiting for to secure more knowledge and grow in your professional career?